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100% funding for businesses

If your business has a large number of customers, you’ll no doubt have encountered this common problem. Collecting money owed you.

This is:

  • Time consuming.
  • Expensive.
  • Distracting.
  • And above all frustrating – because its your money, and you need it to buy more stock.

There is a solution that is available to businesses that have a large number of customers.

One of our small business funding partners are able to offer customers 100% funding against the invoices that they have raised, as soon as you have raised the invoice.

They will also collect the money from your customers when it becomes due, often without the need to make contact with them.

By using this type of facility, our customers have seen an average of 15% growth in sales simply because they have had the money available to them to fund new customers, along with increasing sales from existing customers.

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