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How to Finance A Business

The secret to financing London hospitality businesses: Leasehold finance

Are you London based hospitality operator/entrepreneur? Then leasehold finance can help you to achieve your goals. This is why. The London hospitality scene is generally acknowledged as one of the most vibrant of any capital city in the world. Yet finding good well-established businesses for sale or prime vacant sites [...]

Are you regularly reviewing your business financing options?

Are you regularly reviewing your business financing options? Having just had candid conversation with my insurance company about the annual renewals on our 2 family cars, I thought a complete review of my standard finances was long overdue. I was under the rather idealistic belief that as a 56 year [...]

Disenchanted companies shun new business finance tools: How accountants can win them over

Every day the media tells us about the lack of funding available to small businesses and about the general gloom surrounding growth and opportunities. The strange thing is, from a business finance point of view, I cannot see why this is the case. In fact the institutional financiers I work [...]

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What you need to know about financing businesses post banking crisis

Many businesses are struggling in the current economic climate, totally unaware aware of the huge variety of alternative forms of business finance that could be available to them. More and more businesses simply believe and accept the fact that they: • Are not eligible for finance (as they may have [...]

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How to help a client to source the best business finance to suit its individual needs.

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