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How outsourced credit control can improve your profitability

Congratulations.  Your company has completed the sale of a product or service. An invoice has been issued. Your job is complete.

But is it? In fact the sale of a product or service is only truly completed when invoices are paid.

Yet chasing the payment of invoices can be time consuming and stressful.

Benefits of outsourced credit control 

Profitability, business growth and good customer relationships can all be achieved with strong credit control.

Yet many companies do not have the internal resource to chase slow paying customers. Outsource your credit control to a third party and your company will benefit from:

Sales ledger management carried out by a professional credit controller

• Invoices will be paid promptly.
• Improved liquidity.
• Fast access to working capital.

Confidence in the credit worthiness of new customers

• Bad debts will be avoided.
• Again, this will have a positive effect on your liquidity.

Commercial debt collections carried out over the telephone

• Customers more likely to pay on time if they have a good relationship with you.
• Excuses/disputes will be handled quickly and efficiently.

Savings of time and money

• Get in control of your sales ledger and you will be more likely to get paid.
• You can concentrate on the profitable side of your customer relationships, such as identifying new sales opportunities.

The Business Bureau has contacts with a leading commercial debt collections agency, which boasts state of the art credit control software as well as the required expertise to manage your credit control function.

Interested? Find out how outsourced credit control can benefit your business. Contact us now. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements further.