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What is Buy now Pay later and retail finance?

Your business sells a “considered purchase” directly to the public such as:

•  A Family Portrait session
• New Blinds for the conservatory
• Driving lessons
• Professional Training
• In fact, anything that may have a cost higher than people would normally look to spend

One of the biggest objections you will come in successfully selling all of these products or services will be the cost.

Most of these items will cost upwards of £1,000, and asking your customers to pay this in one go is often a deal breaker.

In many cases the only cost you will incur is for your time, and as such whilst you may not need the money straight away, you do need to offer some encouragement to your customers to make the burden of paying slightly easier.

At the Business Bureau we work closely with an organisation that is able to enter into an agreement with your customer to repay the cost of your good or services over a 12-month period.

What this means is that you are showing your customer a way of making this affordable by breaking down the cost into bite sized chunks, and you will receive your money from the finance company the day after they get it from your customer.

You will be able to complete the application process in-store, quickly and efficiently and your customers will be able to walk away with what they wanted.

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As a business finance broker, we have vast experience in Buy now Pay later for your customers.

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If you have a business whose sales are paid for by debit or credit card, The Business Bureau can connect you to business finance companies offering retail finance in the form of Business Cash Advances.

Business Cash Advances offer fast access to working capital

This type of business finance is ideal for:

• Short term borrowing requirements such as paying rent and VAT
• Investing in your business
• Expanding your business

How does a Business Cash Advance work?

• There are no fixed monthly payments.
• Your advance is paid off using an agreed percentage of future card payments made by your customers

Working with you to find the most appropriate working capital finance for your business.

Our objective is to save you time and money by finding the best and most cost effective business finance package for your organisation.

The Business Bureau has vast experience in working capital finance including sourcing suppliers of Business Cash Advances.

So why not contact us now for a quotation for a business cash advance. We would be delighted to discuss your individual business requirements further.