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Many companies operate in the belief that the only type of business finance available to them is a Bank overdraft, or loan.

Many businesses feel that they cannot grow because they don’t have the funding to help them with new orders, or simply paying the bills.

Many organisations had the same business finance facilities for a number of years, and actually don’t know if it’s the right one for them or how much it is costing them, or even how it is secured.

The main point is that what was appropriate last year, may not be appropriate this year. Or it could be that there is something different available that represents a better alternative.

The growth in Alternative Finance has been at the forefront of the change in what is available.  Money has become readily available from so many more sources that ever before, and the types of business finance has changed as well.

•  Who would have thought that you could apply for a small business loan, on line, have an answer within 2 hours, and funds available in 24 hours?

• Who would have thought that you could finance the purchase of stock to fulfil an order that your business has just won?

•  Who would have thought you could finance a single invoice because you had an immediate cash need?

• Who would have thought that as a business that accepts card payments, you could repay a loan using the future credit and debit card sales for the business?

Gone are the days of your bank wanting to know the ins and outs of you, your family and the family pets before they would even consider taking to business about an overdraft or loan. Gone is the agonising wait to see if the see if the “computer says”, and gone is the embarrassing visit to the branch to be quizzed about what you wanted the money for.

Time is of the essence, and getting money quickly is so important as in business you need to move quickly to secure the orders.

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